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Dave Henderson


David Henderson is a graduate of Penn State University and a Vietnam War veteran.  His professional career includes over 35 years with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as an air traffic controller  and instructor. Since retiring, David has been able to focus on creating art with wood, glass, and acrylic paint.  His work with wood includes tables, benches, and  jewelry/accessory boxes.  He enjoys creating blown glass,  fusing glass, and making marbles and beads on a torch.  His interest in acrylic art is more recent, allowing him to play with color and the flow of paint.

David is married with one son and lives in Midlothian.

Artist Statement

I love the challenge of creating.  For me, there is no greater satisfaction then planning an art project in my mind and then actually creating it.  Using a variety of techniques and mediums adds to the challenge and to the sense of satisfaction.

I work predominantly in wood, glass, and acrylic paint.  Working with wood is an old passion dating back to my father’s workshop. I enjoy revealing the natural color of woods and highlighting the wood grain. Many of my wood pieces are made of exotic woods because the colors are so unusual. Color plays an important part in my glass and acrylic paint art, too.  How the color of glass changes with heat and how the shape of the glass catches the light is a constant fascination for me.  The main focus of my acrylic art is the use of color, but application and flow are also important. The possibilities are endless.



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