Carol Anna Meese

July 8 - September 2, 2022



Journey 14

Acrylic, ink, graphite on raw canvas

Gallery Hours

Tuesday through Friday




With this series of paintings, I challenged myself to go on a journey without a known destination.  Along the way I discovered how form, shape, line, and texture speak to each other in the presence of limited color.  Lines were like dances leading me around a space, forms took on symbolic meaning and textures caused me to pause and look deeper.  I found negative space to be most powerful in setting off everything else, as does one object of art in an empty room. In addition, white space or “Absence” caused a time of reflection and choosing. Does the space require more action or does the simplicity add elegance?   


Many of these canvases were painted on the floor from a roll of unprimed canvas only several feet were revealed at a time. The large size mandated whole- body painting and gesture, marks, thoughts, spills and stamps revealed the choices made, the twists and turns of the journey. Cut and stretched they took on a narrative.  And “chapters” emerged.  


As in life, on any journey, the destination is never assured, signs along the way can point to choices that must be made. The journey is full of challenges, choices, obstacles, and outcomes. Doubt sets in.  Choices are forced.   Eventually one reaches a destination and upon arrival reflections are made, the trip evaluated, and one learns to live with the choices one has made. 


Carol Anna Meese