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The Perkinson Center prides itself on offering classes and workshops that showcase a variety of disciplines for learners at any level. Our skilled teaching artists guide participants in their pursuit of artistic growth in a welcoming environment where they are encouraged to be inspired, grow, and create.

From the beginner to the advanced, there is something for everyone!

Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Guitar 101

(Beginners 12 and up)


Clay Mottley

Three Class Series

Tuesday, October 11, 18, and 25




Guitar 101 is a 3-week, 90-minute class designed to teach you the hidden patterns and shapes that make learning guitar a breeze! From learning your first chords, basic rhythm patterns, starting to play leads and solos and more, this short class series will get you playing on your back porch, around the campfire or in your living room in no time! Each 90-minute class focuses on not only what you need to know to play now, but also sets the foundation for learning on your own once the class is over. You’ll be on your way to rock stardom in just 3 weeks!

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