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Lenses of Life
Featuring the works of:
Helene Ruiz, Josue Fred, Naomi Cordova, Dorothy Rice, Tahanie Medina, and Orisegun Olmomidun
Gallery Opening: August 16, 2024

urban jungle 2023 acrylic helene ruiz 24x36.jpg

Urban Jungle
Helene Ruiz

Welcome to "Lenses of Life: Unveiling the Urban, Rural, and Suburban Realities," an exhibition that transcends visual boundaries and invites you to explore the diverse tapestry of human existence through the lenses of our featured artists. This collection, curated by Helene Ruiz, founder of The Urban Individualists, brings together the evocative works of Helene Ruiz, Josue Fred, Naomi Cordova, Dorothy Rice, Tahanie Medina, and Orisegun Olmomidun.

Each piece in this exhibit captures the essence of our varied environments:

  • Urban Unveiled: Dive into the vibrant energy and cultural kaleidoscope of city life, from everyday moments to profound societal challenges.

  • Rural Reverie: Experience the tranquility and nostalgia of rural landscapes, reflecting the beauty and solitude of the countryside.

  • Suburban Snapshots: Explore the evolving narratives of suburban spaces, revealing both their unique charm and inherent complexities.

"Lenses of Life" goes beyond passive viewing, offering an interactive component where visitors can engage in a collaborative storytelling exercise inspired by the artwork, culminating in a special live poetry session, lead by Monica Hill and also including poems by Dorothy Rice and Helene Ruiz which will further enrich your experience, blending visual and literary art to ignite deep reflection and meaningful conversations.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this multifaceted journey and appreciate the profound human connections that define our shared existence.

Helene Ruiz
Curator and Founder of The Urban Individualists

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