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A Retrospective Of the Last 25 Years

Eugene Vango
January 2024


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Art, to me, is an intellectual pursuit and a source of the most supreme creative pleasure. There is something magical about color and light that prompts an artist to continuously discover the enormous dynamic possibilities of these elements that goes beyond their traditional use in interpreting physical reality.

My inspiration at this time comes from my experience with African art and culture. The Africans have a rich tradition when it comes to the use of color for practical and ceremonial purposes. I especially enjoy looking at African fabric designs which have an incredible balance of cool and warm colors. This is a rich heritage that provided the foundations for modern art. Traditionally abstract art has not been looked upon favorably by the Black community, but very few people

realize that abstract art has been practiced by Africans for centuries before modern art was embraced by Europeans. Since my knowledge of African art and culture has been expanded, I am beginning to feel comfortable expressing myself in this style. Other influences over the years have been the Abstract Expressionists and the artists of the California School of Colorists. I started out with oils in the late sixties but as of the seventies, I’ve been painting with acrylic. And, now I have expanded into the field of digital art.

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