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Call For Entry!
Once More... With Feeling!
A Community Exhibition
Summer 2024

From joy to sorrow, emotions penetrate every aspect of our lives. Once More… With Feeling! is an emotive exploration of the human experience through the eyes of our community. From vivid paintings to captivating sculptures, this community exhibition offers us an evocative journey that celebrates the power of art and its ability to convey the depths of our emotions. 

We invite artists of any age or skill level to submit their work for consideration for this community exhibition. For $30 you can submit up to three entries between now and Friday, April 19, 2024. Once More… With Feeling! will be on display at the Perkinson Center during the Summer of 2024 (June through the beginning of August). Funds collected from submissions will go towards our education programming offered at the center.

For additional information on how to submit your work for consideration click here for more details.

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