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About the New Logo

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

When the Perkinson Center design team was dreaming about what could best represent the identity of the center, they went through a process of working in elements of the new venue (completed November 2020).

It took a few tries, but what the team, board, and key donors decided on speaks to exactly what the center wants to convey: the Perkinson Center is full of life, creativity, and movement.

The Arch

When entering the Perkinson Center, above the double door entry is an arched window resembling sun rays. The arch of the logo was inspired by that design, featuring the artwork of W. Baxter Perkinson.

Behind the Window

The logo itself will be alive, ever-changing with current artists shows and stage performances. This offers endless opportunities to show what is behind the windows at the Perkinson Center this month.

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